Minnie From Trinidad (pink_elephant89) wrote,
Minnie From Trinidad

"95 bottles of beer on the wall..95 bottles of beer..."

Ok, so sorry for a blatantly drunk post, but it seems alcohol is the only inspiration I can get to post on this wretched old journal that no-one comments on anyway.

I was away for a little while because I was in Florida, but, let's not kid ourselves, I probably wouldn't have commented on most journals anyway, even if I was here. I'm sorry, but I am just entirely to lazy and uninterested to read every entry and come up with something worthwhile to comment. And you all must have some sort of sympathy, since many of you don't comment on my entries, either! Don't worry, I'm not upset at all. I completely understand, in fact. Anyway, if it's any consolation, even though I don't comment, like, ever, I do read...Yeah, I didn't think it would be. If I'm being totally, ocmpletely honest, the only thing I still use this for is icons, but, even that seems to be turning out to be a bust, since no-one gives a shit about those, neither! lol.

OK, so the rest of this post will be a whole lot of randomness, since I am in no state to craft a clever, coherent entry that is worth your time, so....yeah.

Has anyone seen any videos from Britney Houston on Youtube? If your answer is no, look her up, and you'll thank me...They're quite hilarious....Also, while you're there, you might want to look up Beyonce falling flat on her face. Hurry! Before her record company takes them all down.

I really want to se Hairspray and La Vie En Rose...If anyone has seen either, your thoughts?

And the new Harry Potter book is brilliant so far...Sorry for the whole "kick" I'm on, but, it happens everytime I a new movie comes out...

Anyway, that's all. Bless your saintly heart if you actually read through all that rubbish...which I'll probably delete in shame later, anyway..

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